“Home decor has always been a passion of mine. As a child, I would always rearrange my bedroom or sketch my ideal room in my notebooks, as a teenager, visiting people’s home, I would always redecorate a space in my head and now, my family home has been my blank canvas.

Throughout these years, one thing has been consistent in my vision of an ideal space…glam elegance with a sense of warmth and a space which is inviting and cozy. Your home is your daily sanctuary and it should reflect that.

As I was gearing up for a home remodel and although I had a vision of how my home would be designed, one always needs a bit more inspiration added to the mix. I took to Instagram to check out possible interior design inspiration pages and found nothing that spoke to my design esthetic.

Passion led to a need, which gave rise to a concept, which resulted in the development of a page that would allow me to share what inspires me with the world! Staying true to my taste, and what catches my eye, I started Inspire Me! Home Décor. Over 3.5 million followers later, it has become the number one interior design inspiration page with the most followers. I am humbled to say that my vision and my drive for this page has grown to extremes I never expected.

I do not take this responsibility lightly. Throughout these years, I have learned first hand what the majority are looking for and have a need for and that is 1. learning how to design their home on their own and being involved in the process, 2. Having access to visually appealing designs and products. This is what I am here to offer. Engagement with my followers on a daily basis throughout these years has put me in a unique position that is priceless. Feedback, comments, opinions and thoughts shared are taken into account and allows me the opportunity to offer my followers exactly what they are looking for from a platform like mine.

Five years after its inception, Inspire Me! Home Decor continues to grow and expand with the development of my website. Through this platform, I will continue to curate questions directly from you and answer them through blogs and my YouTube channel. As a stylist and design expert, I am humbled by your loyalty and will continue to work hard to help you and facilitate your journey of making your house your home.”

-Farah Merhi