Inspire Me! Home Decor is a home decor lifestyle brand which brings classic, elegant, and glamorous design into homes around the world. Founded in 2012 by Farah Merhi, Inspire Me! began as an Instagram page and has since become the most followed home decor page on the platform with over 4 million followers. Inspire Me! follows the curation and vision of its founder, embodying Farah’s distinct style, passion for design, and connection to her audience. Inspire Me!’s digital platform is a go-to source for decor expertise for design enthusiasts ranging from housewives and self-proclaimed DIYers to designers and young professionals.

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Farah Merhi, Founder

Farah Merhi is a designer, stylist, wife, mother of three, and a leading social media influencer in the home decor space. In 2012, Farah began Inspire Me! Home Decor’s Instagram page as a creative outlet to catalogue inspiration and connect with others who share her passion for design. With Farah’s success on Instagram, she built Inspire Me! into a lifestyle brand, offering advice, inspiration, and Inspire Me! products to her audience. From day one, Farah established a personal and honest connection with Inspire Me! fans, a connection she continues to foster through expanding the platform as well as continuing to host a one-on-one dialogue with her audience.

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Honesty & Integrity

From the beginning, Farah has been incredibly selective about the brands and products she has presented to her followers through Inspire Me! Home Decor as well as her personal Instagram page. She upholds a gold standard of quality, reliability, and honesty with all of the brands she works with, assuring that her followers are never led astray. This also holds true for the development of her own products. The Inspire Me! Home Decor team works diligently to ensure that Inspire Me! Home Decor is a brand consumers and designers can trust and rely on.

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