DIY: Glam Nightstand



Does your nightstand need a makeover? Farah Merhi, design expert behind Inspire Me Home Decor, teams up with Wayfair to show you how to transform an ordinary pair of nightstands into a chic focal point in a bedroom. This easy DIY has high impact on a boudoir. A sturdy and sophisticated nightstand to hold your accessories is part of the recipe for relaxing sleep. Let’s make sure the last thing you see before shut-eye is something beautiful.

Start with a pair of old or unfinished nightstands. These just needed a quick sanding and a fresh coat of primer paint to begin with. Farah recommends using paint with a matte finish next, as it has a high-end finished look.

You’ll also need peel-and-stick wallpaper, scissors, a screwdriver, and vintage glass drawer knobs. Can you see the transformation starting? After the paint dries, use peel-and-stick wallpaper to add luxurious color and patterns. If the wallpaper has a pattern, be thoughtful about how you cut the paper. Center the design on the drawer before cutting. Farah loves temporary wallpaper for this project because these dramatic lines would otherwise take hours to paint. If you need to realign, simply peel the paper up and lay it on the drawer again. Use a squeegee to pull any stubborn bubbles out.

Add new hardware, these crystal knobs add va-va-voom for very little. Don’t forget to add glamorous drawer knobs to the other table, too. Voila! Now we can decorate with a pair of table lamps, a mirrored tray, some lovely decorative boxes to hold trinkets and treasure. Stash the phone charger in the drawer—there’s nothing glam about phone cords.

Part of getting a good night’s sleep is being able to unwind and let the day go. For more glam ideas, don’t forget to check out my other video, how to make the most luxurious bed. Thanks for watching! Get your glam on and happy shopping!


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