5 Decor Trends That Will Make A Splash in 2016


Whether you’re looking to revamp your entire home or simply spruce up the accents, the New Year is a great time to reflect on what you love about your space – and what you’d like to change.

To help you stick to your design resolutions and spark a few creative ideas, the team at Dot & Bo has compiled some of the freshest décor trends that are poised to make a splash this year!

From creating new focal points with unusual statement mirrors and adding visual interest with mixed metallic accents to celebrating materials in their natural forms, you too can start incorporating 2016’s biggest interior décor trends into your own space now.

1. Layers of Texture
This year, experiment with layering different textures and materials together in a cohesive way. Channel your inner bohemian by compiling an assortment of modern wood furniture paired with fuzzy faux sheepskins, plush rugs and artful wool poufs. The result is a space full of depth and style that always feels welcoming, never cold. How gorgeous is this look?

2. Natural Materials and Organic Shapes
The trend of “bringing the outdoors in” has been popular for awhile now – and we only expect to see natural materials surge in popularity in 2016. To achieve the earthy-yet-refined aesthetic, add organic shapes to your home in the form of decorative agate bookendspetrified wood décor and live-edge wood tables.


3. Unique Statement Mirrors
We hate to say this but decorative wall mirrors are often under-appreciated in home decorating. They’re amazing tools to reflect light and present the illusion of a larger space, but they can often be an afterthought in design. 2016 is the year to select a bold mirror that acts as a major focal point in your room of choice.

Just don’t be afraid to think outside the box – ditching safe, traditional round or rectangular styles in favor of something more eye-catching and edgy. We particularly love this fragmented, multi-dimensional mirror.

4. Mixed Metals
With contemporary homes and minimalist designs becoming increasingly popular, designers often turn to mixed metallics to add character and warmth to these spaces. Combine metallic finishes in brass, copper, gold and platinum to give your kitchen or living room a dash of shine.

To achieve the look, give your space some energy with the addition of a sunburst wall mirror or consider styling a gold bar cart with metallic accessories alongside a chrome sconce light.

5. Graphic Bathrooms
Thanks to their dramatic nature, graphic bathroom tiles have been on our radar for a while now – but we think 2016 is the year they will really take off. Bold bathrooms are the perfect way to experiment with new materials and color schemes to add personality to your space.

Say goodbye to the top décor trends of 2015 and welcome these 5 fresh design styles into your own abode. Which one is your favorite?

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