All About Home Organization


We get asked for tips on rooms and spaces every day, but there are certain areas of the home that seem to need consistent organizational help. Here are some of our tricks for keeping your spaces both organized and stylized.

1) Command Station / Work Space:

Every parent needs a space in the house that belongs solely to them – but more often than not, this space ends up being a nook in the hall, a corner of a room, or part of the mudroom. Our job is to help organize this space and make sure it co-exists beautifully with the surrounding room. We tend to pick more stylized organizational tools such as pegboards, chalkboards, decorative baskets, and desktop sets to allow for both the form function.

2) Playrooms:

For playrooms, we like to create spaces that are highly functional, easy to maintain, and in keeping with the home’s aesthetic and style. We select bins and baskets that highlight the design of the room, and make sure every toy category has a designated space to decrease clutter. Each toy category should be kept broad – trains, blocks, dolls, etc – and each bin should be labeled, so that clean-up remains easy for both kids and adults. If you have built-ins or shelving in the room, take advantage of the space and merchandise toys and books.

3) Pantry

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the pantry is often the heart of the kitchen. Having a beautiful and well organized space makes for easy morning routines, and simple dinner prep. When creating a pantry space, we really consider WHO lives in the house and how their lifestyle functions. For instance, if we are organizing a pantry for a busy mom of 3, it’s probably not practical to put everything in a million jars. Large bins with overarching categories like “Cereal” and “Snacks,” would be more appropriate.

4) Laundry Room

Laundry rooms don’t often receive much attention in a house, but they can be a show stopper if you put them to good use. Showcase all your white linens and towels, and store washcloths and rags in concealed bins. You can also add larger bins for cleaning products, folded laundry, or any other category you typically encounter.

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