Creating a Cozy, Yet Elegant Bedroom


Designing a bedroom that feels cozy and elegant may seem like a bit of a challenge….but it’s really not as difficult as you think! And, it can be done at any budget. Below, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite things, to help create a beautiful space that will feel like a retreat. A place where you want to relax and unwind, after a long day.


A dramatic headboard is always the first thing I notice about a great bedroom design. In one of my favorite designs, pictured below, we created a floor to ceiling headboard, tufted with crystals. If you have high ceilings, use the wall space. Add some drama with height! If you don’t have high ceilings you can still create that look by using a headboard that’s a little closer to your ceiling height. Its all about proportion. A typical headboard is around 51-54” high. I prefer them a little higher, because by the time you stack any euro shams and pillows, it covers a large portion of the headboard. Right now, upholstered headboards/beds are so popular. Many which has tufting, grid stitching, or nail head accents. You can find these at just about every price point, on many online sites, in retail stores and showrooms, and even get them custom made. I custom make some of mine, so I can modify the height, and add whatever fabric and details I want. I just love the softness adding another fabric to the room creates.


Nothing makes a space more cozy than soft, down pillows! I am a HUGE fan of lots of throw pillows on the bed…they just make the bed look nice! (insert the throw pillow scene from Along Came Polly here, lol) I don’t mind that it takes “4 minutes to take them off the bed, and 4 minutes to put them back on in the morning…totaling 56 minutes a week” haha..the are totally worth it for the look! 😉 If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, here is a clip of that’s a great laugh.

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I happen to have 8 throw pillows on my bed, btw…plus the 4 regular pillows for sleeping! Throw pillows area a great way to add lots of textures, pattern, or color pops. I like to do a mix of one row of solid pillows, and one row of print, and then throw in a fur or beaded accent pillow for interest. Homegoods and Z Gallerie are a good place to start. For king size beds, I like to do a row of 3 in front of the shams, and then two smaller ones in front, or one larger bolster in front. For queen and full beds, I prefer two pillows in front of the shams, then one lumber pillow in front of that.


A crystal chandelier is an INSTANT way to add that elegant look to a bedroom. It works in just about any variety or style, whether you prefer a more modern look with a drum shade, a transitional orb, or even a traditional crystal version…they all immediately become a gorgeous focal point of the room. Swapping out that basic fixture or ceiling fan for a beautiful crystal accented light will make a major impact in the space. There is such an amazing variety of chandeliers at ALL price points…so there is something for every budget. Online fighting retailers such as Lamps Plus, Lighting Design, and Lumens have many options—and you can narrow down your search easily by size, finish, style, and cost. I also love the look of a nice crystal lamp for a timeless and elegant touch to a nightstand. A few other crystal accents in the room can add a little oomph to basic furniture…Changing out the knobs to crystal ones make a huge difference! It’s relatively inexpensive, most crystal knobs can be picked up at a local home improvement store for a few dollars each. If you’re not into crystal accents, there are many other options for a nice statement piece. I just love it because the light crystal throws just softens the glow of s bedroom so nicely.


Yes… please do not neglect the walls! Show them some love with a little wallpaper.  Wallpaper is back, and better than ever. I use it in just about all of my design projects, especially in bedrooms. That one accent wall behind the bed is a perfect place to add texture, a pop of color, or an amazing pattern. If you don’t want to commit to a full wall of paper, try using some molding to match the baseboard and trim in the room, and creating framed out sections on the wall adding the paper inside the frames only. What I love about wallpaper accent walls in a bedroom is that it’s such a great way to ground your design. If you want a bold pattern, then you can achieve that with the paper, and use plainer bedding. Or vice versa. It just adds one more layer to the design—therefore helping create a more cozy and
elegant space. If you’re afraid of commitment to wallpaper…there are some companies that offer removable wallpaper options too.


Nothing says elegance like sheer drapery in a bedroom. It creates a softness and a soothing feel to every space. Think about every hotel you’ve ever been to—- they all have sheer drapery, blackout drapes behind (a must for most bedrooms!), a decorative panel on each side in a nice fabric, and topped off by a cornice. There are many ways to achieve this…first and foremost would be custom drapery. But, if custom is not in the budget, there are also some great online sites like Smith & Noble and 3 Day Blinds that have some awesome and affordable window treatment options. Or, showrooms like The Shade Store. If you are more of a DIY person, you can buy double curtain handing rods, and put the sheer on the back rod, and the side panels on the front. If you buy panels with blackout liner, then you are all set! There are lots of ways to create a soft and elegant look for the Windows without going custom.


So, once you’ve got your bed picked out, a few other key pieces can help create a beautiful and elegant bedroom. I always love a bench at the end of the bed, or even two X Benches or ottomans. Adding that finishing touch completes the look, and also is another way to introduce another texture, fabric, fur, or pattern that goes with the space. If the room is large enough, adding a great accent piece like a chaise lounge is a perfect addition, or two chairs with an accent table in between. A luxurious throw draped over the foot of the bed, or the bench is the perfect finishing touch. I love adding fresh flowers (usually hydraengas) cut for varying hight vases, and placing them throughout the room, along with some candles.


People often ask me what color palates work best for a cozy and elegant space. It ranges so much…but currently I am loving a mix of taupes/greiges/soft metallic tones, or a palate of blues and creams, and also classic all white and grey. Since I reside in south florida, the all white look is still a favorite. However, I also have projects in several other parts of the country, and for some of those rooms, I am working with richer, warmer tones of creams, tans, and browns. It’s really a preference. My own bedroom is a mix of emerald green, gold , and cream.. I chose it just based on a bedding set I loved, I hadn’t been planning on green at all, but I really like it! There is no right or wrong. Go with what you love. You can always play it safe with the wall and floor color, and add bold pops of color in the bedding. Your bedroom is your own personal space. You can make it elegant and cozy, and most importantly, make it your own. 

Alena Capra

Alena Capra Designs