Top 10 Tips For Selling Your Home


Self-help tips on selling your home is a hot topic on the web right now with the spring market in full swing. You know the basics; declutter, depersonalize and clean-up! With years of experience in renovations and home sales I have come to find a few secret tricks that help get my properties sold fast and for top dollar.

1. Any updates you do should be for the buyer, not for you. Don’t get creative, keep your updates simple. For example, fresh paint should be a neutral color, not your favorite shade of yellow. And, again, keep it simple. You do not need to paint every room a different color!

2. Aim to impress the majority not the minority. A home full of antiques and collectibles will only appeal to that 1 in a million buyer who likes that style, the majority of buyers do not.

3. Stage it like a model home, no one wants to picture someone else living in a potential future home so stage it like it’s a model not someone’s current home. I offer staging, to all real estate clients, at no additional fee, it is included in the commission. An agent who can offer more than just paperwork preparation is priceless!

4. Professional photos help to portray the home as it is in person. It showcases the work you put in and the staging that was done.

5. Don’t over do your upgrades. Carpet, paint and staging is often all that is needed. Any more than that should be carefully thought through to decide if the investment is worth it for the return. If you choose to do more than the basics then go for improvements to the kitchen and master bathroom! These are the rooms that sell your house!

6. Pets should be put away for showings. If they bark constantly when strangers are around then put them somewhere that they will not be heard.

7. Clean up the yard and prep ahead of time to make sure the grass is green and weed free. A few focal point shrubs and trees are also a great way to upgrade the yard!

8. List it early in the spring/summer to give it the most chance for a sale. Buyers start looking in early spring, getting out there in the spring market is key.

9. “Home Highlight” sheets. These are lists pointing out the highlights in your home that buyers may overlook….heated floors, a park one block away, energy efficient windows and appliances, etc. Print off a handful and put them on the kitchen counter for buyers to grab as they walk through the home.

10. Price it Right! You may have heard this one over and over but it is the most important. The market is more likely to adjust for a low priced home with multiple offers that are over asking price than it is for an overpriced home. An overpriced home will sit on the market therefore drawing in lower offers, not good for anyone!

Katie Kurtz

Adorned Homes