Inspire Me! Home Decor At High Point Market: What Trends To Look For


This year I was invited to attend what is considered THE PLACE TO BE for everything home décor and furniture. High Point Market in North Carolina. Although I have been told of it’s enormity, I must admit, I was blown away the minute I stepped out of the car. Over eleven million square feet of home décor and furniture show rooms! Can you imagine?? Don’t tell my kid’s but I’ll take High Point Market over Disney World any day! Imagine a kid in a candy store…well that was me at the show!

As founder of Inspire Me Home Décor, attending High Point Market allowed me the opportunity to share with my followers what is currently trending with a glimpse into upcoming trends as well. Every showroom offered a pleasant surprise full of goodies waiting to be discovered. I am excited to share with you pictures of unique pieces I found at the show and my observations on what to look for this upcoming summer and fall when redesigning or designing your homes. Connecting with over 3.2 million followers on a daily basis, most people are looking to spend money on items that are here to stay for a while. With that in mind, it was important to me that I showcase the trends that I think are classic and long term. So sit tight and get ready to be inspired!

Photo from Safavieh Showroom

Let’s start with the “pop of color” trend. Royal blue has been around and is here to stay. So for those who chose this color for their home, rest assured, royal blue is a long lasting trend! An interesting color I saw that will be making its way into stores is green… emerald green and olive green to be exact. Who would have thought?

From John Richard Showroom

Black, gold and metallic was very prominent in all showrooms at this market. These were incorporated in just about everything; lighting, wall art, home décor and furniture. What better way to add a bold statement in a room? Talk about head turner!

From ROWE Showroom

Vangaurd Showroom

Global Views Showroom

We thought acrylic was just a trend that would pass by next season but I have news for you. Acrylic is here to stay and I am loving the creative way these showrooms have incorporated this sleek and elegant material!

From Jaipur Living Showroom

Let’s talk about blush pink! One of Pantone’s color of the year and what a color! Popular for little girl’s bedrooms, this shade of pink has made its way in the home décor space, extending into living spaces and talk about adding a sophisticated and feminine touch. Although it was seen in many showrooms, I love how Jaipur Living added black which presented a nice balance without it looking too feminine.

From Bernhardt Showroom

Metals! I loved seeing the unexpected mix of material, especially incorporating metal in furniture. There was a time when we thought of metal as cold and more for modern designs that does not necessarily scream elegance or luxury but boy are we in for a treat! Bernhardt was one of the showrooms that blew me away with their new collection. Mixing metal with wood, fabric, stone, glass etc… without sacrificing elegance and sophistication.

From Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams Showroom

This set up by Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams gives you a look into just about everything that is trending! Tufted velvet couches, nail heads, patterned rugs and statement wall art. When can I move in? I left my heart behind in this showroom! Every corner had unique pieces that I wanted to take home with me right there and then.

Let’s hear it for lighting! Stunning designs were everywhere this season. I remember a time when lighting fixtures were a second thought in a design but now they have taken center stage and rightfully so. The right lighting design is like a jewel in your living space which can elevate the design and easily turn into a focal point. Don’t be fooled, picking the right lighting is not that easy BUT with all the options out there, there definitely isn’t a shortage of options for you to choose from!

From Bungalow 5 Showroom

I am happy to report that mirrored furniture and décor are here to stay! Phew! From wall art to something as small as a mirrored jewelry box, this elegant trend is still going strong.

From Caracole Showroom

Gold and metallic tones with a feminine flare were spotted in many show rooms. Caracole Did a phenomenal job with their furniture pieces and well displayed might I add!

If I could, I would go on forever! I hope you enjoyed my selections from High Point Market this past show. Before I leave, I will say, if you are in this industry then this show is something you must experience. From friendly and helpful staff to a well organized event. Thank you High Point Market for inviting me!


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