Bathroom Decor on a Budget


We realize sometimes you have to really splurge where it matters when working with clients on home renovations. However, when it comes to style and decor, we’re believers in cutting costs. Today, we wanted to share with you some great steals we’ve found to renovate and decorate your bathroom for a fraction of the cost.

When renovating and flipping homes we have to think smart when it comes to the purchases we’re putting into the home, especially if it’s to help sell the property. If you’re not watching your budget closely, you can easily put in more than you might be able to profit. In our renovation properties, we always stick to a budget when it comes to decor.

It’s very easy to spend tens of thousands of dollars when renovating and decorating your bathroom. Sometimes your bathroom renovation can be as much, if not more, than your kitchen renovation. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer like us, you can get away with a complete overhaul of your bathroom without spending tens of thousands of dollars. There are great ways to reduce your costs and still get a complete overhaul of your space.

Repurpose Materials
Mirrors can often times be an expensive piece of decor. I came across these oval mirrors, which were black, from a second hand store for under $10. I knew I wouldn’t want black mirrors in our home, but I also knew I wasn’t going to find anything cheaper. When remodeling our bathroom, I knew two oval mirrors would look great above each sink. I taped off the mirror and sprayed the outer edges silver. I don’t think anyone could guess both of those mirrors together costed $16.

In our master bathroom renovation, we have very simple, classic decor pieces. We do our best to create homes that won’t look dated in the next couple years. Create a timeless using neutral and natural elements such as woods, bricks, and whites or light beiges.

I love mixing metals with our home decor. So when I had the silver fixtures and mirrors, I knew I had to get some fun gold decor for the walls. I waited awhile before I ran across these three picture frames at Home Goods. Each frame was right around $10, with my grand total being $32. I printed free black and white imagery online and found the “I love us” sign at Patina for $18. If I hadn’t run across this sign, I could have also just as easily printed the typography for close to nothing.

The flowers and white picture frame on the vanity were also purchased from Home Goods for $6-$8 each. If you live near a Home Goods, it is definitely one of our favorite places to shop for our home decor on a budget. Although, before we buy, we always try to think of how we can DIY something.

DIY Countertops
We DIY’d the vanity and concrete countertops. The drawers in the middle of the vanity we salvaged from the office desk we removed in a kitchen remodel. We then built around the drawers to create a double sink vanity.

One of the many things we love about this bathroom renovation is the DIY concrete countertops we made. Countertops can be a large expense when it comes to your bathroom vanity. If you want something fun and different, concrete countertops make for a great alternative. If you have all the tools, you can make these for under $100. We’ve provided you a step by step tutorial on how you can create your own HERE.

Inexpensive Ceiling Panels
Ceiling panels are a great inexpensive way to add instant glam to your space. They provide a classic look of a traditional tin style for a fraction of the cost, and are very easy to install. We picked up this panel from Home Depot for under $20.

Reuse Fixtures and Replace Hardware
The best way to save costs is to keep a lot of the most expensive materials like the bathtub, toilet, and vanities. In our guest bathroom, we were lucky to score a cast iron bathtub. Not only would that thing be a beast to haul away, but they are durable and very expensive. After a couple days of cleaning and scrubbing this bathtub looked brand new! All it needed was some inexpensive new hardware.

Bring in the Outdoors
Lastly, bring in some plant life! Living plants work wonders in your space and it is a cost effective way to decorate on a budget. Bringing something alive into your space will instantly liven up the room. In this bathroom remodel, we simply found a glass bowl for under $5, and filled it with dirt and some succulents, all for under $10.

We love nothing more than using natural materials and earthy tones in our bathroom renovations. It’s the perfect way to create the ultimate spa-like experience.