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As many of you know by now, I do a lot of my shopping online. Now if you were to ask me a couple of years ago if that would even be an option for me, I would have said no. I personally like to touch, feel and see each piece I buy for my home. But with great technology, comes the evolved mentality I guess! Online stores have invested in making our shopping experiences almost better than shopping in stores! Shopping from the comfort of my home has become appealing thanks to better quality images, 360 views, easy return and exchange policies and best of all, consumer reviews! Well now, count me in will you?! Most of us do not live around a lot of furniture and home décor stores, online shopping has facilitated the process of getting our hands on things we normally would not be able to. This allows us to get creative with room designs and what we use in our home. Woohoo! to that!

That’s not to say I do not shop in store anymore! Far from it. But having online shopping available and being able to offer my clients and my followers this option is definitely a plus!

My Instagram followers had some specific questions for me regarding this topic.  @sassies_ specifically asks what my favorite home décor stores are. @tugbaxo5 wants to know where she can shop for budget friendly furniture and home décor. @houseofnerhagen wonders who ships internationally?

I will share with you where I shop online and in-store, where I go to for budget friendly pieces and after much research, who ships internationally.

Where Do I Shop?

I am not someone who goes into one store and shops for a whole room and call it a day. In fact, its rare to find anyone who is capable of doing that. I like to shop around and see what my options are and what is available. Online, when shopping for big furniture pieces like sofas, beds, arm chairs and dining tables, I like to visit sites like,, (unfortunately we do not have a store in our area yet),, and

In store, I visit Art Van Furniture, Ethan Allen, Pottery Barn, World Market and of course, HomeGoods. Don’t overlook private boutiques in your area. I have many pieces which were found from my local boutiques which have taken my breath away!

When shopping for accent pieces and decorative items to complete a room. My favorite online store which also offers an amazing and user friendly app, Joss and Main is my go to as well as and Home Goods is also considered my second home….err I mean on the top of my list for in store shopping for accents. These companies allow me to look through thousands of pieces with endless possibilities, making it easy for me to find what I am looking for. For lighting, which is a must in every room, I turn to and Just don’t blame me if you can’t make a decision thanks to the wide variety they offer on site! and are great resources for pillows and rugs!

Where to shop for budget friendly pieces?

Flash sale sites are great resources to have when looking for great deals. Companies like Joss & Main, One Kings Lane and Overstock offer a wide variety of furniture and home décor that you would otherwise pay for at a higher price. Just make sure you are aware of the expiration date (if they have one) when it comes to their offers. Don’t forget about your favorite brands though. Subscribe to their newsletter so you are up to date and informed when they launch a promotion, offer a coupon code or list a piece you are eyeing on their sale or clearance page. If you have a HomeGoods nearby, then you are in luck! You may stumble upon a piece you have been looking for and for a good deal! Check with their employees when their trucks come in with new pieces and make sure you visit the store that day or around the time they mention to stay ahead of the crowds. Have you seen the madness that goes on in there when a good piece is pulled onto the floor?! I had to fight off someone over a crystal floor lamp once… buts that’s a story for another day!

International shipping

This is a tricky one. I believe the reason international shipping is limited is because of the cost of delivery. The further you live, the pricier it gets to get the items shipped to you. But rest assured, after some digging and researching, I found these companies do offer some international shipping:

  • Wayfair– Ships to UK, Germany, & Canada
  • Joss & Main– ships to UK, Germany, & Canada
  • Overstock– Ships internationally
  • One Kings Lane– Does not ship to non-US addresses, however some customers can use 3rd-party services.

But if you are eyeing a piece and absolutely have to have it, call the company’s customer service department and check with them if they can accommodate your order in any way.

I hope this blog post has been helpful as you embark on your home design journey! Know that the possibilities are endless with some research and patience!

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