DIY Gold Leaf Tray



Style expert Farah Merhi shows us how to transform this simple white ceramic tray into a gilded showstopper. Farah was inspired to create this DIY because gold leafing has been popping up everywhere – and some of the trays are so expensive! This is practical and pretty, and will save you roughly $100 off what you’ll find in stores. This DIY is a fast, inexpensive and easy alternative that anyone can do. You can use real or faux gold leaf, which comes in paint or sheets. Farah chose the sheets because they’re really easy to work with and give a more authentic look. First, let’s get the tray ready by wiping any dust off with a dry cloth. Then, think about the design you’d like. You can create a freeform design or make your own stencil with painter’s tape like these stripes. Farah is doing an organic design because she is using this on a nature-inspired coffee table. Next, with the foam brush apply a thin and even coat of gold leaf adhesive. Now, wait about 30 minutes or until the adhesive turns from clear to white and tacky. Next, carefully peel pieces of gold leaf and gently rub them onto the tray. You can use a sponge brush to smoothen the gold leaf and to buff off any excess flakes. Finally, seal the gold leaf and let it dry for 30 minutes. The sealer will protect the gold leaf from light, dust, and moisture that way the tray will last for a long time. And voila! Farah loves this sparkling new tray to complete her coffee table. You can style with succulents, candle, coasters, etc. or have them empty to serve as a catchall as needed! Happy shopping! 


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