Deborah Blount Design


My home, and making my home a welcoming space and a comfortable haven for all who enter, is my passion!  We all have our various interests, activities, and hobbies in life…but, when all is said and done, the most important focus for all that we do is…family.️  I want my family to love their home environment and to always feel that it’s more than a safe structure and a place to reside…it’s a beautiful respite, a place for building warm memories, and an inviting space that always feels like a home and not just a house.

No matter how much you love that go-to dress, or shirt in your closet, or your most comfy pair of jeans, you’d still get very bored wearing the same outfit, or the same accessories every single day.  Right?!  Home design is such a close cousin to fashion.  You style or wear or decorate with the things you love, but it’s a good idea to change that look periodically to keep things, fun, interesting, and appealing.  Keeping a space fresh and updated, and eye-appealing, doesn’t mean constantly changing one’s design aesthetic.  I’m definitely a neutral decor-loving designer, but thrive on finding new ways to add a pop of interest or color to an, otherwise, neutral design aesthetic.  I’ll always decorate, design, and choose pieces within the glam, modern to transitional genre, while at the same time, will continually switch out pieces, and layer in new ones while, still, staying true to my style.

And, “refresh styling” really is not difficult to do.  If you invest in the basic “core” pieces in your home, in relatively neutral shades, you can still interject pops of color, and texture, and interest, simply by changing out the pillows, throws, artwork, lamps, lampshades, ottomans, and accessories (i.e.,  candle holders, trays, vases, urns, baskets, picture frames, and fresh or faux botanicals.)  Some pieces that will more often remain constant fixtures in a space, will be the large furniture, large area rugs, paint color, and custom draperies.  Beauty is in the details; and details can be layered in subtly, applied boldly, or just tweaked from time to time, to give new life and interest to a space.  Have fun, experiment, try new looks, and don’t allow your views and home surroundings to become mundane or stagnant.  It’s amazing what a little facelift or a slight refresh of a space can do for you and your family!  There are no rules, except to be comfortable in your own home, keep in mind the functionality of a space and how your family uses it, and most importantly, to remember everyone’s style is not the same, and that’s a great thing!  After all, interior design is an art!  Learn to embrace and appreciate “your” style and the things that you love, because they’re what make your home special and unique to you!  No matter what the current trend or the color of the month, keep in mind what makes YOU happy in your home!

One of the easiest ways to keep your home feeling fresh and updated, is to switch out your decor pieces with the “changing seasons.”  A few small changes can make a big impact and breathe life into a space.  Interjecting a new color palette, for the season, can lighten or darken and change the whole mood of a room, without spending a lot of money.  Not ready to switch out pillows, and vases, and candle holders?!  You can still easily and inexpensively refresh a room, or a neutral decor,  with the simplicity of fresh or faux flowers.  Your local grocery probably even carries some beautiful blooms that can add so much life to a room for only a few dollars.  I pick up the loveliest flowers at my local grocery all the time, while already there grocery shopping!  Try adding flowers to your coffee table, dining room table, kitchen countertop, entryway console, bedroom nightstand,  bathroom vanity, or breakfast nook table to add interest to a neutral decor!!  Trust me…you’re apt to smile every time you walk by and take in their colorful beauty!

Whether you love a neutral color palette in your home design, like me…or you’re all about a myriad of bold colors, embrace what makes you happy in your home environment and what works for your family.

Have fun with design, and most importantly, let it reflect “YOU”!!  I’m sure you’ve read the profound interior design quote that I love to bring to the forefront in every design:  “The details are not the details.  They make the design.”

– Charles Eames

And, I could not agree more!!  I’m a firm believer that paying attention to the “details” in a design can be “everything” in making a space your own haven.

Deborah Blount