My Daily Cleaning Routine


I get asked regularly how I keep my home clean and spotless with kids. There really is no secret. I have a daily cleaning routine that I try to stick to, realistically this is something I can tackle every day... but of course I have my days where I just want to crawl into bed and completely ignore the mess. Give your self some slack and don't be hard on yourself. Establish a routine that would tackle the easy clean up and go for it when you get a chance. I also like to clean up or tidy up throughout the day to avoid a complete pile up of work at the end of the day or the next morning. My older kids are expected to pitch in and help with chores (while they complain and whine about it... but who's listening? Totally ignoring their complaints). I have found that if you do tackle your chores early in the morning and at night before bed time, it leads to a more productive day ahead!


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