Reveal of My Basement Reno with Floor & Decor


This post is sponsored by Floor & Decor. As always, all opinions are my own.

And at last it’s done! I am not sure why this always happens but do you ever start a project sure of yourself that all will go smoothly? Then a hiccup or two jump at you? With so many projects under my belt, I can tell you right off the bat, never embark on a home remodel project without expecting a few bumps in the road and setbacks. It’s simply unrealistic and absolutely normal if you do come across these setbacks!

As you may know, I embarked on a basement remodel about a month ago. If you have not read it, you can get caught up here.  My basement is where we hang out most of the time. It’s pretty much why we decided to buy this home.  With a lot of natural light and an open space, it is the perfect area for us to hang out as a family and for our kids to just be kids. After 9 years in this home, it was time for us to really focus on what we wanted to do with this space. The first step was to tear out our flooring, which was getting old and worn out.

Farah Merhi Basement, Floor & Decor Wood Flooring

I have worked with Floor & Decor in the past and knew they would be the perfect company to partner up with! The wide selection and endless options are a huge plus for me. I like to have options to look at before making my decision on which material to go with. Since my basement is quite big, being able to stay under budget with Floor & Decor’s rock-bottom prices was a huge relief for us!

After going back and forth and finally making my decision on the type of flooring I wanted to go with, it was time to get the project underway.

And out came the carpet! I didn’t realize how much I had been wanting to get this done! The new flooring I chose to go with is the NUCORE Windsong Vinyl Plank. Why vinyl you ask? Well, let’s talk about the three main winning features in my book! Water proof, durable (we dragged a 300lb dresser on that floor and no scratches) AND looks and feels like wood. Most importantly, very budget friendly! YES PLEASE!

Now you may be asking when did we hit a bump in the road? We (don’t judge please! Kidding! I don’t mind if you do) took the wrong measurements! As the flooring company was installing the second to last box, we realized there was no way those two boxes were going to cover the remaining space left! So the project was delayed as we had to order some more material and finish off the first step in this remodel!

It has been a little over one week since we have completed this project and WOW am I happy! We celebrated my son’s 3rd birthday and set up all the food, entertaining and sweets in the basement. I, for the first time ever, was fully okay with kids running in and out of the walk-out basement, spilling food and drinks and playing on the floor without having a semi heart attack in the process.  

Visually, the floors look stunning! The mix of light and dark shades makes a huge statement in the basement. I am so happy I was able to get flooring that did not make the basement feel dark. It’s always so bright and airy in there and being able to keep it that way was important for us. We are excited to spend a lot of time in this room and build more memories with our kids!

Farah Merhi Basement, Floor & Decor Wood Flooring

If you are embarking on your own home project or remodel. I highly recommend checking out Floor & Decor’s wide variety of products and materials. The best part is that they do offer design services if you have any questions or concerns. Their pricing is very budget friendly, and we all know how important that is! The store closest to us was in Chicago! (Store Locator) I loved the experience of talking to the staff and having them help me as I walked in with a lot of questions and concerns! I left with my mind at ease and fully ready thanks to all the information I was offered during my visit.


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