My Winter Wonderland


The Holiday season is upon us and we are in full holiday mode in my home. And by that I mean I have decorated, the kids have their tree up and Max, our elf on the shelf, is wandering around, always up to something. Every year I decorate the day or week after Thanksgiving depending on how things are going. So when I decided to decorate earlier, (about 10 days before Thanksgiving) I wondered if that may be too early. But to be honest, I can now just sit back, relax and enjoy my decorated home much longer and not have to stress and worry leading up to Christmas! I think I am going to stick to this schedule moving forward guys! I also beat the holiday Christmas shopping by getting everything online from QVC (WOOT! WOOT!) Unless you have dealt with angry, rushed shoppers pushing their carts like it’s the end of the world at the store, giving you the look and almost hitting you as they pass by… well, yeah, I am done with those days! 

I chose to go with neutral decor and opt out of using “theme -y” decor. Not that going with a theme is bad, but for me personally, I feel like I can enjoy my decorations longer, won’t get tired of it fast either since it will be out for about 6 weeks.  Then off into boxes they go! 

This year I decided I wanted to go with soft tones and a winter wonderland feel and look in my home. Coming off of fall decor which I had used dark plum and charcoal gray as my color palette, I craved a softer color palette that would look cozy and did not feel heavy. Living in Michigan, winter time can be brutal. Gloomy, dark and sometimes we don’t see the sun for weeks (enter vitamin D supplements at this point). Inside, I envisioned my home to feel warm with soft glows of light and soft color that would almost envelop me with a hug… too much? I know you’re thinking  I am crazy but I can’t express enough how a color palette and the right lighting can affect my mood… anyone else feel this way??

Let’s talk about my Christmas decorations. It all started when I posted last year’s Christmas tree and many (if not all) asked to see a video of my tree styling, and many asked me to link all the pieces I bought to make it easy for you to find. With a tight time frame, I reached out to QVC and shared with them what my Insta Family was asking of me… and without hesitation, they made it all happen for you! I curated (picked out) all my decorations for my tree, mantle and to decorate around the house. Everything was put on a landing page to make it easy for you to find and we were on a roll! (See link here!)

 My vision for this year came to life slowly but surely! The best part is I got to share it all with you while I was decorating rather than just share the end result. And boy was that fun! White, crystals, champagne, silver and gold tones took over my home! 

My tree is a flocked tree, which means it looks like it has snow on it. I also chose to go with Pre-lit because I honestly HATE struggling with light strings every year!! No matter how I store them, they always seem to tangle up and cue in Farah muttering under her breath as she tries to de tangle the hot mess! Not a pretty sight let me tell you! So all I had to do was pull out… errr I mean my husband had to pull out the tree from storage and set it up for me. THANKS HONEY! Love it when he slaps his hands, proud of himself and walks away with pride like he just magically decorated the whole house himself. Ummm sweetie, what about helping me with the ornaments…. “don’t want to mess up your tree honey!” MHHHMMMMMMMM….

I used a 9ft tree and hung 7 kinds of ornaments with about 6-9 ornament each. The key is to make sure you spread them out evenly one ornament at a time. I also used 2 types of branch sticks and a crystal strand. Here is the end result! 

On my mantle, I styled my pre-lit flocked garland from QVC with 24 crystal strands. I wanted a glam look and it also gave an illusion of icicles hanging off my mantle! Playing around with different height and depth is key when styling your mantle, with that in mind I used mercury candle holders to allow for a play on high and low. 

In my kitchen, I styled my island which many of you know by now I love doing that! I found a beautiful cake stand and pitcher set and knew I had to use those to decorate. I used the pitcher as a vase and filled it with Christmas greenery and gold branches to match our tree. 

Farah Merhi, Winter Wonderland, Kitchen Island

My sink pedestal and coffee station got some TLC too! 

My kitchenette ties in the kitchen and family room so I had to style my table with a center piece that would also tie in all the decor I used in both rooms. These are pieces that our monthly home decor subscribers received in their December box. 

My dining room with a classic, but festive centerpiece.

And of course my foyer!! The first thing your guests see when they walk in your home. So welcome them with beautiful decor which also should reflect what you have done in the rest of your home. 

Farah Merhi, Winter Wonderland, Foyer

Now lets talk about my kids… some of my insta-family were asking me “what about your kids?” This year, because we are finally almost done with the basement remodel, I asked them if they wanted their own tree. They were ecstatic about that idea! They got the chance to pick out their own ornaments and decorated the whole tree with a little help from me and they are beyond happy. In fact, in their own words “ sorry mom, we like our tree better than the one you decorated” OKAY kids (eye roll). 

My home feels like you walked into a winter wonderland…pillows that reflect the color palette in my Christmas decor, lots of faux fur throws, silver and gold accents…I wish I could invite you all over for a cup of coffee with me!! I hope you’re having a blessed holiday season! Try to slow down and enjoy every moment of it! It goes by so fast. 


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