Let's Talk Smoky


This year has seen a huge shift towards warm and rich colors that include everything from metallic, mixing and matching metals and the coveted matte finish. Homeowners are gravitating to the warmer tones that make a space feel inviting. They want their guests to feel welcome and relaxed without sacrificing elegance, which has fed the popularity of this ‘Smoky’ trend. I have partnered with Kohler to talk about this trend and how to bring it to life.

The ‘Smoky’ trend has caused a shift in the neutrals we are seeing in furniture and home décor. Brown, black, gold, gray, silver and beige are functioning as neutrals, while offering up a bold, warming look. The ‘Smoky’ look builds on these neutrals, but requires a careful mixing of hues and textures. While mixing and matching, it is important for all of the details to complement one another to create a cohesive design for your space.

Keep in mind, warm tones do not equate to darker shades. The warmth of the ‘Smoky’ trend can be achieved using colors with warm undertones, which range from light to dark. For those who love their lighter furniture, fear not! Accents with rich tones and textures can complement your lighter furniture. Accents like tinted mirrors, metallic décor, and darker metals accentuate the warm tones of your lighter furniture, bringing all of your furniture and décor pieces together to complete the ‘Smoky’ look.

My favorite part about working with rich hues and warm tones is that they can be incorporated into any style. Whether your home is modern, contemporary, farmhouse, or traditional, the universal color palette of the ‘Smoky’ look complement nearly every style in any room of your home. The look can be customized to your style. For example, you can keep your metallic accents clean for a modern look, add shiny or crystal accents for a sultry look, or bring in distressed décor for a farmhouse look (hello antiqued mirrors!).

As a homeowner on a budget, you may be skeptical about adhering to trends as they come and go. While the accents of the ‘Smoky’ look are new, the neutral tones it builds upon are universal and can be incorporated into any design. To achieve the ‘Smoky’ look (without breaking the bank!) build on versatile and neutral hues, use your accent pieces to complete the look and add that extra pop of color, texture, and style. Switching out your pop of color, or even adding decor pieces with additional texture, have the ability to transform your space for a cost as small as a few pillows or décor pieces. Before you know it, your home will have a sexy, on-trend look without an untouchable or transient feel to it.

My home has been infused with the “Smoky” look…from the kitchen to the family room, dining room and even bedroom! As I have updated nearly every space in my house, my powder room has been left neglected. I have put off the project of designing this space for a while, trying to figure out the best direction, looking high and low for the perfect inspiration. I recently came across this powder room design from Kohler and instantly knew I had found my muse. The details in this image spoke to me, they represent the feel I want my powder room to have while adding my personal design style to complete the look. I am inspired by the glamorous feel of this bathroom, the crystal lighting, tinted antiqued mirror tiles, and gorgeous vessel sinks. How can you not be?!