A Tour Of My Walk In Closet


This project took 9 years to happen. Since we first bought our home, I knew it was something I wanted to tackle eventually. But other projects always took priority over the closet. My closet unit is from Modular Closets and my island was ordered from Home Depot online. Modular closets is a DIY organizational system. But if you are tackling a project like this one, I highly recommend you have a professional at hand to do the install for you if you are not a DIY kind of person... It is a huge project to undertake. In fact, it took us about 10 days in total to get this project done. I can definitely say it was worth it. When your closet is organized, I feel like it sets the tone for your day. You can find your clothes easily and everything is put away where it should be.

Farah Merhi


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