How I Tackled My Pantry Spring Cleaning & Getting Organized! Part 1


As much as I love organization, I could never get my pantry organized the way I would have loved it to be. With kids and a busy household, the minute I had our pantry organized, it would get messy again. When we bought this home, that was one of the things on our to do list, change out all the metal shelves in all the closets to wood shelves. As we tackle that project one room at a time, I finally was able to get it done in our kitchen in time for my spring cleaning routine! 

With deeper and more sturdy shelves to work with, I was able to work with organizational tools that helped me during this process. I can't tell you how important these items were and how easier it has been to 1. find things in there 2. keep myself and my family organized. 

With a disorganized pantry, I would easily lose track of what I had and what we needed. Grocery store trips would end up with us either buying the same item we already had or NOT buying what we needed.

Aside from getting organized, cleaning out your pantry every few months is essential. As food gets expired (sometimes without our knowledge) its a good idea to go through all your items and make sure everything is in order. Wiping down your pantry floors and shelves (metal or wood) will help keep your room smelling fresh. Food flies and ants are a common problem in areas that holds food as well, so constant upkeep is key.

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