Tips To A Productive Kitchen Spring Clean - Part 2


Thank you for your patience and all the love on part 1 of this Kitchen Spring Clean series. Today, I am sharing with you part 2, where I focused on kitchen deep clean, organization as well as tackling my fridge. With a busy household filled with kids, its hard to keep up and make sure everything is in it's place. As much as I would love that, it's definitely not realistic and not the case. Our drawers get disorganized, items in the fridge get misplaced, counters get dirty, but that is the joy of having a full household. It's a matter of upkeep and constant reorganizing, cleaning and placing things in the right spot... your day to day life and cleaning routine does that for you. But when it comes to spring cleaning or deep cleaning your kitchen, it's going after surfaces you have not touched in months. Over the cabinets, deep cleaning your appliances, wiping down the inner and outer parts of your drawers and cabinets... etc. I highly recommend tackling that to do list at least 3 times a year if you can. It will keep you on top of things and prevent too much dust and grime from accumulating. It will also help keep your appliances in good shape since we use them on a daily basis.

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