Child Proofing Your Home


We all want that beautiful home that will stay spotless and have everything remain in place. Well, if not in place, at least avoid having to pick up your pillows for what seems like a gazillion times a day. Can we take it down to maybe two times a day? Maybe? Having kids is a blessing. As blessed as we are to have them in our lives, wouldn’t it be great if they also knew how to pick up after themselves and avoid leaving finger prints everywhere they go? Yeah right! That’s a scenario that is too good to be true. So we will have to stick to child proofing for now.

I have seen far too many comments on Inspire Me! Home Décor and my personal IG page saying “Looks beautiful, but I can’t have that with my kids” or “Once the kids move out, I will have that!” or even “with my grandkids coming over a lot, this is not realistic”. Now I truly believe that your home cannot be a museum. You want to enjoy it and you definitely want to have fun times and build memories with the kiddos and grand kiddos! I do however think life is short and you should also have the luxury to enjoy your home with all it’s beautiful décor and furniture. Our home is a self expression of who we are. We want to be able to walk in that door and feel like we are in our dream home because of the way we have furnished it and added that final touch. Take the time to design and start enjoying it! A few messes here and there won’t hurt but there are some simple steps you can take to child proof your home so that you can enjoy it as long as possible. Go ahead! Invest in the lighter color you’ve always wanted and read on!


Fabric Protection

The first and most important advice I can offer you is to invest in fabric protection for your furniture, carpet and rugs. This has saved my furniture from so many spills! Granted you’ll still have to call in the professionals for a deep clean a couple of times a year, but it will help with the in between easy clean up and protection of your fabric.


There are three options for fabric protection.

  1. When you purchase your furniture, ask the company that is selling you these pieces if they offer fabric protection for your furniture before you pay.
  2. Head out to your local hardware store like Home Depot or Lowes and buy fabric protection spray and spray on your furniture yourself.
  3. If you are like me and would prefer leaving this to the professionals, call up your local carpet cleaning company that also offers fabric protection treatment. This company will not only spray your furniture, but your rugs and carpet as well!


Shoe-Free Home

A Shoe-Free home is necessary not only to keep your home clean but also for sanitary purposes. Keep in mind that shoes track in germs, dirt and on rainy/snowy days… well you can imagine the nightmare there! First and fore most establish this necessary rule with your family members and make sure they are clear on that.

Please don’t be embarrassed to ask your guests to take their shoes off at the door. It’s your home and these are your house rules. It does not have to come off as being rude… there are ways to either hint at it or simply come out and say it.

To hint at it, bring in a sign that says “Shoes Off” or “Shoe Free Home” and have it placed at your front door so your guests can see it before coming in your home.

Shoe-Free Home | Inspire Me Home Decor

Simply making a statement when they walk in is another way. “Would you mind leaving your shoes at the door please? It would really be appreciated! Thank you so much for understanding!” And now move on to another subject like this was no biggie!


A cleaning routine.

Adopt a cleaning routine that you can implement on a daily basis to keep up with your home and make sure that it’s always tidy and clean. Let your kids leave their marks, hellloooo finger prints! Do a quick clean up before you go to bed every night so you can start fresh in the morning.


It’s important that you don’t stress yourself out or else that will discourage you from creating that ultimate dream home! Establishing a routine and time for that quick clean up will encourage you and make your life easier, allowing you to enjoy your home.


GET YOUR KIDS INVOLVED!! Its their home too!

I get it, it’s easier if we were to just do it ourselves but that also means its easier for us to kill ourselves doing it for goodness sakes! So whether you have a family meeting to establish each family member’s responsibility OR simply invest in a schedule and write down everyone’ chores.

Do what you need to do to make sure you get help around the house. It’s their home too. You also will be helping them learn how to be responsible and productive! They WILL thank you later so ignore the foot stomping and attitude and stick to your guns!



Have set rules in your home that everyone understands. Rules like no food and drinks in the bedrooms and family room.

Living Room | Inspire Me Home Decor

Designate an area for all arts and crafts activities. That could be your kitchen counter or kitchen table or a designated playroom/play area. This will really make a huge impact on keeping your home clean and having your furniture last longer.

Hands Off

Finally and most importantly, avoid moving your décor. I learned this from my mom. Teach your kids not to touch and keep their hands off your accents. Now of course you will have to baby proof and remove dangerous pieces out of the way. But accents like coffee table books, leather decorative boxes etc. those should stay put. It might take a while but eventually your child will lose interest and will totally not care about what’s on your coffee table.

Do you have any tips to share? I would love to read them!

Farah Merhi


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