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Have you ever had an “AHA!” moment? You know, when you are looking around your home or a certain room… and feel like something is missing or lacking in that room? That is what I was going through these past few months. After the remodel of my kitchen a couple of years ago I was pretty content with the way things turned out. But something has been nagging at me and I finally had my “AHA!” moment! My pantry door needed an update! You know, the interior finishing that can either add to your room or the lack of it can take away from the room or make it feel like something is still missing?

With my pantry project all done, I realized that my kitchen was in need of a pantry door that will make the space pop! I have seen over and over the importance of interior doors and how grand they could make your home feel. Many times we seem to think of them as finishing touches but in reality, they should be considered one of your top priorities when deciding on your interior finishings. They should be selected early in the design or renovation process to offer up a look that allows for a cohesive feel in a space. Think of it this way… layer upon layer of unique finishes will offer you a home personalized to your taste!

Now, where does one go to get unique looking doors complete with gorgeous trims and moulding that work together to create that cohesive look? Well, to Metrie of course! Basically the one stop shop that offers collections of trim, moulding and doors that work together. 5 Finishing Collections to be exact! Please allow me to squeal in excitement here! Want to know why? Because visiting their website and seeing how user friendly it is as well as informative, makes me happy. I would rather focus on struggling with making a decision on which interior finishings to choose from rather than struggling through a website that leaves me completely confused.

Humor me and allow me to demonstrate to you how doors can completely transform a room.

Inspire Me Home Decor, Interior Doors
Interior Doors, Inspire Me! Home Decor, Farah Merhi

I rest my case! Intricate details! Isn’t it surprising how little time we spend thinking about interior doors when it’s so evident that they could truly add a whole lot to your home?

From glass doors to solid wood doors, the options are endless! See for yourself all the different styles Metrie offers. Not every door fits every room of course so Metrie helps you choose which style and which room each door could go in within your home! Check them out here!

 Although solid wood doors work well in just about any room, in my opinion, glass doors are not for every opening. They work perfectly for offices, pantries, walk-in closets off your master bath and doors leading into a dining room or living room. Basically, you wouldn’t want to add glass doors in rooms that will need privacy even if you have different options like clear glass doors and textured glass doors.

Interior Doors, Inspire Me! Home Decor, Farah Merhi

There are two ways to go about choosing interior doors, moulding and trim. Mixing and matching them so they work together or simply choosing the same finishes and design for a seamless look. Personally, I love the seamless look. That is why I enjoyed perusing through the Metrie site and looking through their Collections. They made it so easy to look through the selections that have been pre matched for their customers for an easy decision making process!

Interior Doors, Inspire Me! Home Decor, Farah Merhi

Look at this laundry room for example. The door, the trim and the moulding matches up so beautifully, allowing the designer to get creative with the other decor items like the wall paper creating a cohesive look in this room!  

Or what about this kitchen with all the matching interior finishings, easy on the eye and adds a feeling of grandeur throughout the space!

*This blog was created in partnership with Metrie. All opinions 100% my own.


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