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This post is sponsored by Floor & Decor but all opinions are my own as always.

Ah the basement! I still remember when we first walked through our home, the basement was one of the highlights and one of the reasons we chose to buy. Having kids, you want to dedicate a hangout space or even a room that holds all their toys and activities. The basement is usually that space! Add in a walk out basement with a lot of natural lighting and we were sold! My husband initially wanted to focus on a home that did not have a finished basement but I knew the opposite is exactly what we needed to keep my sanity and to have our furniture and décor last longer! What child wants to be constantly reminded to be careful when all they want to do is just have fun and enjoy their surrounding? 

Well, fast forward to nine years later, my basement is in dire need of an update. As much as wall-to-wall carpeting is convenient, it also is a pain to upkeep when the area is such high traffic. Stains, spills, playdoh, paint, markers and SO MUCH more! OH BOY! I believe our carpet cleaning company knows our name by heart at this point. After discussing with my hubby, we came to the conclusion that it was time to say goodbye to carpeting and invest in kid-resistant flooring!! 

I have had the pleasure of working with Floor & Decor before and knew they were the company I wanted to reach out to for my project. The wide variety of products they offered was exactly what I needed to make an educated decision. With so many options out there, doing your research is important to make sure your decision fits your family’s needs and lifestyle. Not to mention the free design service and rock-bottom pricing! Yes please! When you’re looking to remodel or updating a huge space like a basement, those are a huge plus in my book! 

I hopped in my car and drove 3 hours to the nearest Floor & Decor store in Chicago . A fun road trip with my assistant Lexie. (In fact, so fun I am already trying to find an excuse for another road trip). Lots of laughs, long talks and excitement! Oh did I mention I added 30 min to the trip because I took a few wrong turns? Construction in the summer is no joke folks! 

Farah Merhi, Inspire Me Home Decor, Floor & Decor

Arriving to the store, we were greeted by kind and very informative employees who were ready to take me around and share with me as much information as I needed! A special thank you for their patience! 

Farah Merhi, Inspire Me Home Decor, Floor & Decor

Looking through their selection of tile, wood and stone was such a treat! 

Initially, I was looking into wood options for my basement, these were the three options I was eyeing: 

  1. Stick to the same engineered floors as the ones I have on my main level: Rocky Mountain Hickory Hand Scraped Engineered Hardwood 
  2. Go with more of a greige finish: Sandor Birch Smooth Engineered Hardwood 
  3. Or go with the ever so popular bamboo wood floors: Eco Forest Tunis Gray Locking Stranded Engineered Bamboo 

I wanted to make sure I made the right decision here. Knowing that our basement is high traffic, wood floors or even engineered wood floors was not an option. HELLOOOOO train and car marks/scratches!! And let me tell you, we are doing this once, so no room for error here! So my thought shifted to tile! 

  1. This gorgeous Soft Greige Wood Plank Porcelain Tile had me drooling!
  2. I couldn’t believe how close to wood these tiles were looking! The Frontier Light Wood Plank Porcelain Tile caught my eye because of the lighter shade it offered!
  3. And of course, if I wanted to stick to the same color as my main floor, the Santa Rosa Mahogany Porcelain Tile was the perfect match! 

The fact that the floor is going in the basement which means the coldest space in my home, I had to lay that idea to rest. Can you imagine how cold it would get down there with tile? 

I wanted to exhaust all my options, so I checked out the stone options! Who wouldn’t want their basement to feel grand covered with stone flooring? I mean check out the three options I had in mind! 

  1. Simple and elegant, this travertine had my heart going pitter patter! Argento Brushed Travertine Tile 
  2. What about the sophisticated look of the Savona Ivory Onyx Honed Travertine Tile 
  3. And then this beauty!!! Terra Nuova Brushed Marble Tile

But the more I thought about my kids playing in the basement with stone flooring, the more I got nightmares of them falling and hurting themselves! I mean, my kids play rough, and a fall could lead us to the ER. So unfortunately, although those were all great options for other rooms in my home, they were just not an option for the basement. 

So it came down to either laminate wood floors or vinyl. Now please let me reassure you and say I was NERVOUS about these options! I mean so many things run through your head right? What about home value? If we were to sell, what would the potential new home owners think? What if it looks cheap? What if I don’t fall in love with the options they have in this type of material? So many uncertainties and so many questions running through my mind! But I knew I didn’t want to go back to carpet. So with an open mind I explored my two options. 

Boy oh boy did I surprise myself when I chose the NuCore Vinyl Flooring! First of all, let me tell you, they look and feel just like wood floors which was a huge plus. That’s when I felt so much better! Then I was told that they are not water resistant but they are water proof!! So you can spill all you want and the floor will stay intact. 1. If you have kids or pets that is literally perfect! 2. We are in a high risk for flood area. We have had neighbors deal with flood in their basement which cost them so much money to replace. So that was great for me!

Here is the interesting part. These boards have cork on the back so if you do deal with water spills or flood, they will dry up and you won’t deal with mold, mildew or destroyed flooring! OHH YEAH! Scratch resistant, lots of texture, beautiful colors. 

Speaking of color, I did debate going with a darker color to insure a flow throughout my home. To refresh your memory, here is what I have in my main floor right now. 

Farah Merhi, Inspire Me Home Decor, Living Room

Instead, I decided I wanted to go with something lighter. This is the basement we are talking about. You want it to feel bright in there. After looking through some inspiration and seeing the impact lighter wood makes in a basement, my decision was made! 

Image by

Image by

Image by Grace Hill Design

Image by Grace Hill Design

Image By Fiorella Design

Image By Fiorella Design

The floor I decided to go with is the NUCORE Windsong Vinyl Plank.  

I will be documenting the process as we go. I have chosen to give my basement its own identity and go with a more rustic glam look there so these floors will be perfect for my design!! 


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