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If you were following a long last year, you know that I had some work done in our backyard. We wanted a bigger space to hang out and entertain. Once we had the space done and, I furnished it, we were ready to rock N roll! What most homeowners don’t realize is that when it comes to our outdoor living space, we need to refresh the space every once in awhile for an updated look. Just like our indoor spaces! Pillows and accent décor can transform the look and feel of our outdoor space and give it an updated look. A refresh does not have to cost a lot of money! Using little details will allow for a transformation without breaking the bank! I partnered up with Kmart to show you how I did just that this year!

First thing I did was lay out my furniture and what I already had to see what’s missing and in which direction I wanted to go in.

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This allows you to get a clear idea of what you need, and what your color palette is going to be. Right off the bat, I knew I needed to add color, plants, flowers and some lighting out here! This year, I decided to go with a black, white and blue color palette. My front porch has a black, white and fuchsia color palette. The idea is to tie in the backyard and the front porch to create a flow and a cohesive look.

I chose to bring in the blue hues through my decorative pillows. This is where I love to mix and match patterns and prints! I ordered the Cool Ticking Striped Blue Pillow and the Checkered Ikkat Pillow . Not only do pillows look great, but they add comfort and back support to your seating! Win Win!

Next on my list is plants and flowers! You can’t think of an outdoor entertainment space without lots of flowers and plants right? Planters are an important factor to keep in mind when designing your ideal outdoor living space. I chose to go with these floor planters as well as smaller planters to style on my coffee table and side tables.

I don’t think I can express how excited I was when I found these plant and flower arrangements! Exactly what I needed to compliment the look I was going for! The pedestal planters from Kmart added elegance to my backyard! To avoid that “blah” feeling, I infused a pop of fuchsia through my flowers for a pop of bright color. I especially loved the details on my ceramic planters!

I chose to style my coffee table planters with a candle holder and a beautifully detailed wall art to add interest and height to my coffee table vignette.

It’s really fun thinking outside the box and creating designs with items meant to be used in different ways. This is where you show your creative side and your personality shines through! Who said a piece of wall art cannot serve as a tray or a candle holder cannot serve as a riser for a planter?

It compliments the look I am going for and offers my bird friends water! Yay for that! The final touch was lighting! Let’s take a moment here as I explain the importance of lighting especially outdoors. Lighting sets the mood for great entertainment and offers an inviting feel to any space! So when I found these lanterns with a timer, I knew I had to get them! And am I glad I did! Every evening, the candles light up at the same time and offers a warm glow in this area!

They finished off the look I was going for and totally warmed up the space for me! Check out the full reveal!

As you can see, an update for your outdoor living space can be cost effective and can also make an impact! It’s all in the small details! Layer upon layer of details will give you a personalized look that will surely make an impact in your design.

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But what is the point of having all these beautiful pieces if you cannot protect them from outdoor elements right? Last year, I made the mistake of leaving my outdoor furniture out in the open for about 5 weeks. Life took over and I neglected to take care of the hard work I had put into this space. The result? Mold and mildew build up on fabric and accents I had designed the space with. I wanted to make sure I avoided that this year. I want to take better care of this space I can now relax in with my family. So I ordered the Covershield outdoor furniture covers!

Now all I have to do is cover everything when we are not outdoor and then simply remove the covers when it’s time to hang out. Our backyard is so fun and I love entertaining out there now. To find these and other awesome outdoor items, check out Kmart.com or your local store for more inspiration. Then join me outside as we soak up every drop of summer!


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