Welcome Back!


Welcome Back to the Blog!

The Inspire Me! Home Decor blog is officially back!

Last August, I announced that I would be blogging more often, and now it is happening! I have a lot that I am looking forward to sharing with you, in addition to my daily posts and interactions on Instagram

Since that last blog, I have kept busy which is the reason why I have not been so active on here. Along with spending as much time with my family as possible (they are my favorite thing in the world, and I love nothing more than being with them), I have been working on exciting projects! As you may have seen on my page, I  launched a new furniture line that has been a dream come true, as well as been all across the country speaking at and attending exciting events. I have also been working hard on expanding my online store and Collection for QVC as I am always on the lookout for new styles to bring to my home and share with you. I can’t wait to share more about all this!

By blogging, I will dive deeper into my favorite styling tips, new products I am both launching and loving, reveals of rooms in my home, and more! Each week will bring something new, and I am excited to begin this new journey. Along with everything related to home style, I want to give you an inside look at the behind-the-scenes at Inspire Me! Home Decor. You may have seen me talk about my team members on stories on IG and they have popped up in my videos a few time, but I wanted to formally introduce you to them. As busy and chaotic things can get, these ladies help me keep things running smoothly at the office. Here they are! 

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As my Executive Assistant, Stephanie helps coordinate the ins and outs of IMHD. Stephanie helps with everything behind-the-scenes from projects to meetings to travel, and more, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently day to day. A new member to the team having transitioned here from a financial background, Stephanie has been vital to helping me further elevate the brand and I look forward to accomplishing even more with her help! She is driven and has shown immense growth since starting with me. Working in this position can be a bit unconventional since there is so many aspects to what I do and my brand. Patience and walking into this with an open mind and willing to learn is essential, and Stephanie has done that every step of the way. 




As the IMHD Curator, Jennifer curates, sources, and negotiates the procurement of decor for my online shop shopinspiremehomedecor.com. My online shop is important to me because it is where I provide you with unique and beautiful home decor you’ll love and want for your home. So it’s important to me that we bring you pieces you’ll get excited about and Jennifer helps me make that happen. She attends markets and searches high and low for the statement pieces you expect from us.  She works closely with vendors to create a unique, valued customer experience while also overseeing the social media strategy and content for the Shop Inspire Me! Home Decor Instagram account. Jennifer focuses on reading your comments, feedback and constantly measures and leverages insights from social media to help further enhance your experience, ensuring that we continue to provide you with the best products you’ll continue to love. I love having her on our team, her patience, commitment and her dedication to my brand is evident in everything she does. She goes above and beyond and is always ready to take on any challenge that comes our way!  A resident of Michigan for 16 years, Jennifer has two daughters and will be celebrating her twentieth anniversary this spring!  



As the IMHD Operations Manager, Emily keeps busy with a number of different projects. From answering customer service questions about orders and restocking to maintaining the websites and updating each with the latest products along with their tracking inventory, to overseeing packaging, shipping, quality control, and more, there is never a shortage of exciting work! Emily also uses her immense skills as the Operations Manager by helping to stock supplies and tackle any IT issues that occur. And let me tell you, she does it all with a smile! Emily started as part time and has taken on more responsibilities and she has evolved in this position to a full time team member. Her willingness to learn and grow as we have expanded my brand since she joined the team has played a huge role in making sure things continue to go smoothly in our headquarters. Whenever I throw a challenge at her, she takes it on and does everything she can to make it happen. 

I am so proud of these ladies. Day in and day out, they come to the office with huge smiles on their face and have shown me what team work and being a team player means. I look forward to growing our office with this team in tow! 

I cannot wait to start blogging again, and getting to share more with you! Is there a certain topic you want me to cover here? Tell me in the comments!


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