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How to Make the Most Luxurious Bed

There’s nothing better curling up in a freshly made bed. Farah Merhi is here to show you everything you need to make the most luxurious bed ever and how to get the look and feel of a glamorous, hotel-like look and coziness in your own home. First, let’s start with a sturdy bedframe and plush upholstered headboard. This tufted option is classically glam—Farah loves it! We spend a third of our lives in our bed, so we think it’s worth investing in. Do you feel like some of your best sleep is at a hotel? Well, besides the fact that you may be on vacation, Farah will let you in on a secret—it’s all because of a mattress pad! A plush mattress pad with a stretched skirt to keep it in place like this one will have you drifting off to sleep in no time. Let’s talk sheets. Always choose high thread count and natural materials for the softest and most durable fabric. Buy a sheet set to ensure fitted and flat sheet and pillow cases are the same softness. Make sure the fitted sheet gets tucked around each corner, and go for an extra deep sheet if you have a pillow top or tall mattress. Another tip! Fold the flat sheet under the mattress with the quilt, comforter, or duvet. To Farah, luxury is all about a fluffy, downy duvet. Add a duvet cover, like a ruffled option which adds a soft texture to the room. For extra coziness and warmth, choose an elegant velvet quilt like this diamond embossed set. Super fluffy pillows should be layered back to front. For a queen or full-sized bed, you’ll need two European pillows and two standard pillows, plus one accent or bolster pillow. If you have a king size, just add a European size pillow by the headboard. Finish the bed with a throw blanket. This faux fur option is so soft and beautiful and is perfect for fall until spring. Of course when you are in your bed, the décor around your room will affect how relaxed you are. A pair of table lamps, gorgeous wall art, and decorative boxes are reminder that this is a place to relax and unwind. Thanks for watching! Find all these beautiful products and more at!

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5 Ways to Get Creative with Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Go bold with wallpaper, without the paste or commitment to covering an entire room. Farah Merhi shows five creative ways to use peel-and-stick wallpaper. Don’t be afraid of using wallpaper, this temporary option is easily removable but is sticky enough to be used again and again. Here are Farah’s favorite ways to use this design staple in a glamorous way. First things first, measure height and width of the surface, pre-cut each of the panels to fit, align the pattern for large designs, peel the backing, reposition if necessary, and use a squeegee to smooth air pockets. Finally, trim excess. Always apply to clean, smooth surfaces. The second way to use temporary wallpaper is in the a door—this unexpected placement adds character and color to any door. Here, Farah cut and placed pieces inside the molding on this door, but you can also cover an entire door. This creates an unexpected focal point and can really break up the space. Third, use peel-and-stick wallpaper on a nightstand. Cover an old or unfinished nightstand duo with temporary wallpaper and some paint for a stunning makeover. See how Farah transformed this pair from blah to beautiful in another video. Fourth, you can use temporary wallpaper as wall art. If you simply love a pattern but want to confine it so it doesn’t , frame it. This pattern would look great above a mantle, too! Inside a bookcase—this peekaboo style works well in any room. Simply cut to size and cover the back of the shelf. We love this option because it can move from room to room, or if you are renting—to your next place, and still has high impact. Cover a tray—a basic tray is totally renewed with temporary wallpaper. When you aren’t using it to hold beverages for guests, lean it on the counter of your kitchen for a classy pop of color. Find all these beautiful products and more at!

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Tips To Designing Your WOW Family Room And Bedroom!

We all have different style and taste when it comes to designing our home. But how do you achieve the look? How do you style around a sectional? Leather sofa? Bold colored Sofa? How do you style your bedding while mixing and matching color and pattern? This video specifically answers all these questions for you. I hope you'll find it informative! 

Everything you see in this video can be found at West Elm. 

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5 Glam Essentials

Give your home a luxurious update with the top 5 glam essentials. Farah Merhi, design expert and stylist whose forte is glam decor. The secret to a glamorous and sophisticated look is simple. Let her show you the essentials to going glam. First, start with a minimalist color palette and a clean room. Let’s just say that clutter is anything but glam. Let’s begin with jewel tones. These bright hues pack a punch to a sleek white color palette. To avoid overcrowding a room with too many patterns or colors, stick to a serene combination of saturated jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, or deep plum in textiles. Don’t you love the nail head trim on the ottoman? Rich textures like faux fur, velvet, and silk are indulgent yet comfortable and add a layer of panache. Use a variety of fabric textures in pillows and furniture to add elegance without overwhelming the room. Tufting and nail head trim balance the delicate velvet of a gorgeous ottoman. Lucite is classically glam and has minimal footprint, which makes any space appear bigger. We love the ornate details of this Lucite chair, it’s the perfect marriage of vintage and modern in perfect glam harmony. Mirrors also give the illusion of more space, but let’s think beyond the wall. This chic vanity is unapologetically feminine making it the ultimate statement piece for a bedroom or office. Extra-long curtains will properly frame a space, making the ceiling seem taller and the room seem airier. Always install curtain rods just a few inches below the ceiling. You can fake the size of the window by using extra-long curtain rods that are wider than the window frame. The curtains should kiss the floor or slightly puddle, depending on your taste. Short curtains won’t do the room any favors. Be sure to measure from above the window frame to the floor when selecting new curtains. These drapes are slightly sheer with a natural texture and slide right onto the curtain rod. Get your glam on and happy shopping!

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Tips On Designing A Fun and Colorful Bedroom

My daughter wanted to transition her bedroom from a little girl's room to a big girl's bedroom. Knowing that she might change her mind again on color preference a few years down the road, I chose to stick with neutrals as the base color and add her favorite color (for now), which is turquoise, through her accents and decorative items. Cost effective! That's what we like to hear! 

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Family Room Design

We all want that perfect looking family room. But what do you do when you have kids or pets? Toys, books, crayons...fingerprints and most importantly safety! Check out how I design a family room with kids in mind, sharing storage solutions, must have items for your room and what to keep in mind when designing this room for your family to enjoy. 

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Sharing 6 Steps To Designing Your Own Living Room

One question I get almost daily is: " How do I design my own living room, where to begin?" With all the options made available to you, you can easily feel overwhelmed. Today I share with you 6 steps to keep in mind when starting your project and to simplify the process!

Products in this video:
Sofas: Lamps Plus
Coffee Table: Bernhardt Furniture
Rug: Safavieh
Round side Table: Pier 1
Rectangular Side Table: Local Boutique
Arm Chairs: Joss & Main
Pillows: Home Goods
Lamps: Home Goods
Light Fixture: Art Van Furniture (Can also be found at Restoration Hardware)

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