You may not know this but before launching Inspire Me! Home Décor on Instagram, I used to own a business where I created custom candy and custom dessert tables for events. It was such a fun and creative outlet for me but unfortunately, I had to sell the business after three years. I still love digging deep and bringing back those memories during holiday seasons and special occasions. I always set up a custom candy and dessert table for my guests. If I have learned anything all these years, its that as yummy-licious as the dessert can look, the platter you present them in is crucial for presentation. When I received my package of trays and platters from Elleffe Design, their line of gold plated trays from the Bubble Collection took my breath away. The intricate details that went into these pieces allowed me to create a one of a kind dessert table for my guests! Here’s the best part, I can use and reuse these pieces for many other reasons like serving hors d’oevres or appetizers for dinner parties.

With all the mini bite size dessert I bought and made at home, I was able to present them in the trays in a unique way. Hosting adults and kids, it was important that I presented my guests with options that would appeal to any age. I went with mini cupcakes, chocolate drizzled pretzel rods, tartes, fruit cones, custard cups and cotton candy cups. YUM!

Not only did the trays make the dessert visually appealing but what a treat to present to your guests on these special occasions! It leaves a lasting impression!

For someone who is a huge fan of creating unique dessert setups, I love having good quality trays and platters that will last a lifetime. Unique and timeless pieces that I can use and reuse for years to come as we celebrate special occasions. I know that these pieces will be handed down to my daughters when they are old enough to appreciate them. Its all about building lasting memories and sharing it with your loved ones.


Elleffe Design serving platters are great for many other reasons! Check them out for housewarming gifts, hostess gifts or wedding gifts to loved ones. Versatile in style, gorgeous in design, these are the ultimate gifts!


I want to extend a special thank you to Ellefe Design for the amazing pieces that will be a part of my home for a long time to come. Their wide selection of serving platters is something I would recommend you check out for yourself!


To shop and check out their products, click on this link:

One Thought on Dessert Table with Elleffe Design Of Italy

  1. Stunning presentation! And, impressive goodies too! Omg, those trays are so unique and so beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like them anywhere. Talk about a glam table!!🙀 And, I had no idea you did custom dessert tables for events. I think it translates seamlessly into interior design and decor…the basis is still creative talent and presentation, but on a larger scale. And, with your tablecsaping skills, you must have enjoyed that part of creating beautiful dessert tables too! Thanks for the ideas…I’m so glad you shared this. I suddenly feel the “need” for a cotton candy cup in my life!!😋😉


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