Home decor guru Farah Merhi gives us all the deets on how to slay at spring cleaning



If your humble abode is in dire need of a refresh, but you’re like, where the hells do I even begin? — we totally understand. It can be hard to keep our desks in tip-top shape, let alone an entire living space! That’s why we sent out an SOS to home decor guru Farah Merhi.

Farah is the self-taught interior design specialist behind the successful website Inspire Me! Home Decor. Her site is chock-full of tips for your home, whether you’re in the market for a clever DIY or just some really good cleaning advice.

In the first half of our two-part feature with Farah, the interior decor queen gives us tips on how to keep our homes squeaky clean and how to figure out what to purge from our closets.

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